Overage Plans FAQ and Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Overage Plan?
An Overage Plan never gets shut off and never runs out of transactions. When the monthly amount of transactions is used up, the account is billed in 10% increments from 100% to 140%. At 150%, the account is automatically upgraded to the next plan tier with more monthly transactions and a new plan start date.
How will I be notified about usage?
At 80% and 90% of monthly transactions, an email will be sent notifying you that the account is approaching overages. Once you use 100% of your monthly transactions, you will receive both a notification email, as well as an invoice for the overage charge later that day. These emails will be sent in 10% usage intervals.
What happens when I go over 100% of my monthly transactions?
At 100% usage, your credit card will be billed an overage that prepays for another 10% of your transactions. For example, on a Basic Plan, you will be billed $19.80 for 3,000 more transactions. The amount of transactions and cost depends on your current plan. These charges occur in 10% intervals from 100% to 140%.
What happens when I go over 150% of my monthly transactions?
At 150% usage, your credit card will be billed for an upgrade to the next plan level. For example, if you were on the Basic Plan, your monthly plan would be automatically upgraded to the Plus Plan. Your credit card would be charged $199.00 dollars and your plan start date would be reset to the current day. You transaction count would be reset to 0 and your monthly transaction count would be 75,000. For our highest tier plans, Business Plus and Business Plus Enhanced, you will be contacted by an account manager.
How can I stop my account from getting any more transactions?
On your Manage Keys Page, there is a link to Revoke All Apps, which will stop all transactions for all Keys on the account. Individual applications can also be revoked on that page as well if you suspect a key was compromised.
Can I upgrade and downgrade my plan?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different Overage Plan at any point in time including moving from an Overage Plan to a plan without overages. However, you will not get a refund for unused transactions in your overage plan. The Business Enhanced and Business Plus Enhanced plans require an initial 6-month commitment. Enhanced plans cannot be cancelled during this time period, but upgrades can be made.
Are overage charges refundable?
At this time overage accounts are non-refundable. Once you sign up for an Overage Plan, you are liable for all charges made. Unused transactions will not be refunded.

Example Overage Plan Charges*

Below is an info-graphic describing the purchase of a Basic Plan with Overages and what happens at the various increments between 80% and 150%.

Overages charges by plan *

Plans with Overages Basic Plus Business Business Enhanced Business Plus Business Plus Enhanced
Monthly Price $99 $199 $399 $499 $799 $899
Monthly Transactions 30,000 75,000 200,000 200,000 500,000 500,000
At 100% usage, plans are charged in 10% overage increments
10% of Transactions 3,000 7,500 20,000 20,000 50,000 50,000
Overage Rate/Transaction $0.0066 $0.0053 $0.0040 $0.0050 $0.0032 $0.0036
Charge every 10% from 100% to 140% usage $19.80 $39.80 $79.80 $99.80 $159.80 $179.80
At 150% usage, plans are automatically upgraded to next plan tier with a reset transaction count and a new plan start date
150% Transaction Threshold 45,000 112,500 300,000 300,000 750,000 750,000
Upgraded to Plan Plus Business Business Plus Business Plus Enhanced Contacted by an Account Manager
New Monthly Plan Cost $199 $399 $799 $899 Contacted by an Account Manager

* Examples do not include local taxes if applicable.