when ambiguities=check street incorrectly includes city

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when ambiguities=check street incorrectly includes city

This is the address I'm using to do the direction search:

710 taylors rd, mameroneck ny

I have the ambiguities=check for the request

Since the address doesn't exists, it returns a collections to me, but the result being returned from the api seem incorrect particular the street field.  Take for example 

"collections": [
"dragPoint": false,
"displayLatLng": {
"lng": -79.923988,
"lat": 37.094424
"adminArea4": "Franklin County",
"adminArea5": "Boones Mill",
"postalCode": "24065",
"adminArea1": "US",
"adminArea3": "VA",
"type": "s",
"sideOfStreet": "R",
"geocodeQualityCode": "L1BCX",
"adminArea4Type": "County",
"linkId": 0,
"street": "710 Taylors Rd, MAMERONECK",
"adminArea5Type": "City",
"geocodeQuality": "ADDRESS",
"adminArea1Type": "Country",
"adminArea3Type": "State",
"latLng": {
"lng": -79.923988,
"lat": 37.094424


the street field returns 710 Taylors Rd, MAMERONECK instead of just 710 Taylors Rd which messes the actual address up becaues the address becomes

710 Taylors Rd, MAMERONECK,

Boones Mill, VA 24065

instead of

710 Taylors Rd,  

Boones Mill, VA 24065 

On mapquest website https://www.mapquest.com/directions it correctly shows the street as well, it's just this direction api.  This is not documented anywhere, is this even an expected behavior?

This is not unexpected. The
This is not unexpected. The misspelled city, mameroneck, is being considered extra text in the street name, like and apartment or unit number. The geocode/search functionality that finds the correct location on MapQuest.com will make its way to the geocode/directions api in the near future.