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Remove marker MapquestGl Map


I'm creating a marker on map simply using this 

var map = new mqgl.Map('map', 'KEY', {
center: [-43.698637,42.300916],
zoom: 18,
bearing: 0,
pitch: 0,

locations.forEach(function (feature, index) {

  var lat =

  var lon = feature.lon

  map.icons.marker.addWithPopup({ lng: long, lat: lat }, iconName, propHtml);


Is there a way to clear all markers from the MAP??

Now I want to delete all the markers on the Map, I'm not able to find a way to do this, can anyone help me here??


To my knowledge, you have to
To my knowledge, you have to attach the markers to a layer (leaflet method) and remove the entire layer. Here are some examples: