Personal Labels with geocodes

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Personal Labels with geocodes

I would like to show a map to the end user which displays the latest location of the driver and the location to their address, and I can do it as such:,0.024024/to/near-51.420709,0.02168

However, the current link shows the naked geocodes to the end user. I would like to instead label those as "Driver" and "You". Or at least leave them unlabelled. Is this possible?

I have been using this documentation:

However, none of the examples use a geocode, and when I input the geocodes in the format I use above in the fields

I can see that I can do this as a static map, but that requires a key - is it wise to expose my developer key to the end users? Maybe I can create a new key for this purpose. My other complaint about using static maps is that they aren't very interactive by the user, though I'm willing to compromise with this if there is no other solution.


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