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tbarne1 vs API Distance Variations


I am using the Mapquest API to report the shortest distance between two locations.  This distance is used in our mileage reimbursement calculation.  However, I have noticed that reports a different mileage than the API.  From: 3800 Anglin Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76119-2182 To: 800 Mercedes St, Benbrook, TX 76126-2527.  Mapquest reports:  16.9 miles and the API reports 13.88 miles.  What accounts for this difference?


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MQBrianCoakley uses the fastest uses the fastest route by default rather than the shortest. Any route can change over time given current traffic conditions too.

Thank you.  Is there a way to

Thank you.  Is there a way to have display the shortest route instead of the fastest?  Our users confirm the mileage caculations provided by the API with and more often than not there are discrepancies.  None of the routes returned by equal the mileage reported by the API.

While isn't
While isn't intended to be a verification tool, you may be able to use Keep in mind that will always consider traffic too. So route times and distances can, and will, vary at times. This is not unexpected.