MapQuest Nominatim Licensing

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MapQuest Nominatim Licensing


I wonder if I could ask a question? The MapQuest licensing has changed from:

To something I am not clear on. On:

"The Nominatim Search Service is similar to our MapQuest Search Service with its simple interface and powerful capabilities, but instead relies solely on data contributed to OpenStreetMap."

The only license reference on the page is: "OpenStreetMap data is licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)."

So it appears use of the service is covered by the OSM license not

I could not find a specific license for OSM in MapQuest .

Is MapQuest abiding with the OSM license ( which in section 4.4 (Share alike) that defines how the data can be re-distributed, and Section 4.7.a.: where the terms of the OSM license cannot be restricted.

Signing up for a key goes to:

Which makes no mention of Nominatim.

Can you clarify?


Yes, users do contribute back to the OSM data - I know I do. And MapQuest takes seriously its commitment to comply with the ODbL that OSM data is licensed under. Yes, plans, including free as detailed on the Pricing & Plans page, are limited by transaction counts. Hope that helps.

Thanks Brian. So which

Thanks Brian. So which license covers use of the Nominatim Search Service?