Addresses with Apostrophe Issue

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Addresses with Apostrophe Issue


I have found that when an address has an apostrophe in the name (mostly occurs with Suburb rather than street names) the API return

"Unable to calculate route."

If I manuaaly remove the Apostrophe (and don't leave a space) it works fine.

An example is;

From: 99 Wakefield Street,Adelaide,SA,Australia

To: 4 Majors Road,O'Halloran Hill,SA,Australia (doesn't work) 

      4 Majors Road,OHalloran Hill,SA,Australia (works)

      4 Majors Road,O Halloran Hill,SA,Australia (doesn't work)



The development team is aware
The development team is aware of this issue and hope to address it in a future release. Thanks for the heads-up.