We're extremely excited to announce the launch of our new Mobile Navigation SDK for Android and iOS applications.

Backed by our decades-long geospatial experience, our Mobile Navigation SDK provides you turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates. Not only control your brand experience by keeping users within your native host application, but also customize the experience with your brand's look-and-feel from start to finish.

And, the best news? It's absolutely free to you ... in exchange for a mutual flow of data sharing of speed and location observations (route collection coming later).

API calls offered for free through this pricing model include: Directions, Traffic and Guidance APIs. Other APIs, such as Geocoding, Maps, Search and Search Ahead, that may be used in tandem will accrue standard transactional pricing and count toward your transaction limit.

Navigation SDK, iOS

Stand out against the rest with these unique Mobile Navigation SDK features:

  • Control your brand experience by keeping users in your native application
  • Customize the navigational display, wherever you please, within your native application
  • Track your own data (location and speed), visualize it, and keep it for yourself
  • Utilize real-time traffic/ETA updates at no additional transaction cost to you
  • Leverage high quality, licensed data, as well as your own traffic data for better real-time traffic updates

Check out our documentation, Android and iOS, to learn more about our Mobile Navigation SDK features and how to access. And, if you haven't, sign up for an account to get started with the SDK today.

* Learn more about our data sharing agreement through our Terms and Conditions page.