As part of an ongoing process to update our map stack, we are retiring a few of our older services. The depreciation of our Flash Map SDK & Leaflet v1.0-1.3 will occur on June 6, 2017.

Not to worry! We aren't leaving you in the dark. Instead, take a look at our mobile map SDK and v2.2 of our Leaflet Plugins, with richer features and capabilities than ever before.

Mobile Map SDKs

We now offer modern, native mobile maps for iOS and Android devices. Our beautiful 64-bit maps help to enhance your overall engagement with your users. You can deliver a fully native mapping experience across all platforms, allowing customers to have a consistent and familiar experience with you and your brand.

Our mobile iOS and Android SDKs can be downloaded directly from our site, with helpful documentation included.

Leaflet v2.2

The performance, consistency, and capabilities of our Leaflet Plugins are always progressing, making them an increasingly better alternative to our Flash Map SDK. The latest version, v2.2, includes:

  • Light and dark map styles
  • Updated satellite imagery, including a hybrid option with roady/city overlays
  • Improved drag routing for mobile devices
  • Default traffic route ribbon
  • Enhanced icons
  • Additional zoom levels: 19 and 20

Those looking to migrate to our Leaflet Plugins, please reference this migration guide on our Developer Network and these helpful demos on our Leaflet Plugins to transition to our latest version, 2.2.

Need additional support with the migration such as professional service support? Please feel free to contact us at