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MapQuest for Business at RSA Conference 2018 | MapQuest Developer Blog

This April, the MapQuest for Business team traveled to San Francisco to attend RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA. We participated in conjunction with our parent company, Verizon, representing our division as Verizon Location Services (VLS). RSA Conference is a week-long, internationally recognized event with more than 40,000 attendees.

RSA conducts information security events around the globe that connect attendees to industry leaders and highly relevant information. We joined the Verizon team to showcase our Location Verification solution, a beta offering from the VLS group.

Location Verification is a trusted, spoof-resistant solution that confirms a person or device is in a verified geographic location. This platform ingests a number of data points (with user consent) to verify precise location. This will give organizations the ability to receive more precise location intelligence, which can help inform better business decisions.

The Verizon team educated attendees on ways to achieve security resiliency needed for today without compromising an enterprise organization's digital transformation. Looking to improve your security practices? Download this industry-leading report, the Data Breach Investigations Report, developed by Verizon.

To learn more about Location Verification, and more about working with the Verizon Location Services team, contact us at

Deprecation Notice: TLS 1.0-1.1 for secure connections to Open APIs | MapQuest Developer Blog

If you are an Open API user of MapQuest, the following information will affect you. Please keep reading.

New Product Alert: Mobile Navigation SDK | MapQuest Developer Blog

We're extremely excited to announce the launch of our new Mobile Navigation SDK for Android and iOS applications.

Required Action: Whitelist New MapQuest IP Addresses | MapQuest Developer Blog

It's 2018, and we're getting up to speed! We are currently in the process of migrating our infrastructure away from AOL and into AWS. Because of this change, you will need to whitelist the following MapQuest IP addresses and remove the old ones: Add- • • •

Now Available: The MapQuest Place Search API | MapQuest Developer Blog

Replacing the legacy Search API, we are excited to announce a new and improved version, titled Place Search API!

Amazon Deliveries Depend on MapQuest for Business | MapQuest Developer Blog

Have you ever wondered how can quickly, accurately and reliably deliver millions of packages throughout North America? Well, it's likely that your last Amazon purchase was delivered through Key Software Systems' Xcelerator software, powered by MapQuest for Business.

Millions of Accurate Real Estate Appraisals Depend on MapQuest for Business | MapQuest Developer Blog

What's the best way to enable lenders and appraisers to perform millions of real estate appraisals using comparable properties in the area? The answer for Lansdale, Pa.-based Global DMS®, is MapQuest for Business.

New Release: MapQuest.js, v1.2 | MapQuest Developer Blog

Today we are launching a point release, version v1.2, of our MapQuest.js product. This release focuses on bug fixes, adding additional options and events, as well as the introduction of a new directions control.

Autism Therapists Save Time and Money with MapQuest for Business | MapQuest Developer Blog

Ever since the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) implemented MapQuest for Business APIs in 2013, the company has saved a quarter million dollars and streamlined their more than 2,500 therapists' daily routines. In addition, time and mileage is now reported automatically for each of...

Xevo Picks MapQuest for Business for Millions of Passenger Vehicles | MapQuest Developer Blog

When Seattle-based Xevo needed highly-accurate and reliable geospatial data for the company's in-car software platform, MapQuest for Business fit the bill. The company's Journeyware system is embedded into millions of passenger vehicles manufactured by several of the world's largest carmakers,...